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Last Updated December 6, 2003

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Yes, there are other sites on the internet. These are links that may or may not pertain to any topic in my website. This is more of a collection of sites that I just find interesting and stimulating.

Creationism and Evolution

Talk.Origins - Probably the best resource for the Creationism vs. Evolution debate on the internet (although, creationists may disagree). It contains articles on virtually every sub-topic in the debate. If a creationist said it, find out why it's wrong here.

Creationism vs. Evolution - Excellent site which covers the Creationism vs. Evolution debate nicely. The material is presented in an enjoyable and educational fashion. It also covers issues on atheist morality and secular humanism.

The National Center for Science Education - An organization dedicated to the furthering of scientific education in America's public school system. The good people of this organization are committed to keeping Creationism out of public schools entirely and defending the validity of Evolution. It reports on stories regarding Creationism in the classroom, as well. So, if you don't think that this is a serious issue in America, look here.

Organized Religion

Secular - Organization devoted to the furthering of secular humanism and dispelling many common myths about humanism. Superb resource for anyone looking for more information on the moral system used by atheists and many non-religious people.

Mother Teresa's House of Illusions - An article on written by Susan Shields, a former nun in Mother Teresa's organization. She was instrumental in the recording and distribution of funds and donations made to the Sisters of Charity. This is an excellent insight into the fanaticism which governed the Sisters of Charity, and where the millions of dollars they collected in donations really went (and it wasn't to build much-needed hospitals in Calcutta).

Mother Teresa: Mother of All Myths - A chronicle of events written by Aroup Chatterjee, a native of Calcutta. This is a first-hand perspective from one of the people that Mother Teresa was supposed to be helping.

Positive Atheism Magazine - The definitive resource for any atheist. Contains a number of invaluable sections and lots of great information. One of the best parts is their Big List of Quotations. I definitely recommend this site to anyone curious about atheism.