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Last Updated December 6, 2003

The Home link will now take you to the blog. This site is no longer being updated.

What's New?

December 6th, 2003

  • Somehow the news page got corrupted. Luckily, only a stuff before 2003 was lost, so it's not that big a deal.
  • Finals are upon me. Once Winter break rolls around, I'll be able to do some extensive maintenance to the site. For now though, I'm just going to do a small update to the "About Me" section. I've been 20 years old for a while, and I've gotten a good amount of hate mailers accusing me of being a punk teenager who doesn't know anything. I intend to post some of those exchanges over the break.
  • Added some new, far more recent pictures to the "About Me" section.

September 28th, 2003

  • I've added a childish and immature link to the main page advertising the fact that I am now open for Oral Sex Donations, specifically, fellatio. Please give the gift of head.

  • In other news, I'm still alive. I haven't updated the site in a while, and things will probably stay that way for at least a while. My classes are taking up loads of my time. Sorry. I'd really like to redo a massive chunk of the site, but it takes time to format all of this stuff by hand, and I find it easier to just rant on a certain Internet message board, on which I am a moderator, than to post stuff here. So if you want a look at my most current wisdom, check it out. I post under the handle "Durandal."

March 10th, 2003

  • Another piece of Hate Mail.
  • Fiddled around with the CSS styles more. The site should appear much more consistent in terms of font size and style. Hopefully, I'll gradually move the TABLE-based layout over to DIV tags so I can just fix the navigation bar's position, thus achieving a frame-like effect without actually using those cursed things. Maybe I can get into some badass CSS effects a little later, but I'm going to run through the site and make sure it's 100% compliant with the current HTML and CSS standards before I do anything else. By the way, please support open standards by not using Internet Explorer. Use something like Mozilla or one of its derivaties like Phoenix for Windows or Camino (formerly Chimera) for Mac OS X. Oh, then there's this new browser that's gaining a little popularity called Safari, which I happen to use. :)Any of them will render this site without any trouble.

February 20th, 2003

  • It's done. The Religion section has completed its buyout of the sex section. What with the controversy of altar boys being sexually abused, the Church maintaining the homosexuals are to blame for their priests' actions and their insistence that everything can be solved if we resort to fucking only for reproduction, I think it's rather appropriate.

February 17th, 2003

  • I've migrated the site to SHTML, which is uber-cool. All the navigation is now centralized into one file, a lot like the way CSS centralizes text formatting into a stylesheet. But I'm sure none of you really care. This is exciting for me, believe me.
  • Not that it's done yet, but I'm going to merge the Sex and Religion sexions (yeah yeah, bad pun I know). One thing I write about sex will ultimately end up lambasting the Catholic Church in one way or another, so I might as well smash the two together, Voltron-style. The Life section will remain on its own, as blasting the so-called "pro-life" assholes doesn't necessarily mean blasting the Church in my case. I'm sorry if any of you were eagerly anticipating my verdict on the abortion debate, but I doubt it'd come as a surprise. I'll be writing up a nice, lengthy piece on it sometime soon with actual evidence to back up my rantings and ravings here. Oh yeah, and there's some new, juicy hate mail sitting in my box that's just begging to be formatted, but it's long as all Hell, so it'll take a while. That's all for now, folks!