Troll Name: Guardian 2000 AKA G2K AKA Robert Scott Anderson AKA Scooter AKA DarkStar AKA DorkStar AKA BaldStar AKA FuckStar AKA Darkfucker AKA Dumbshit AKA "The Last Bastion of Trek" AKA Scooter-Detoo AKA Darks Tar AKA DSG2K AKA Delusional Psychopath
Troll Type: Psychotically Obsessed Crazy Asshole (and a disgusting opportunistic scumbag loser)
Notable Quote: "And as far as alienating both sides, I could care less."
Flame Warrior Type:
Ferrous Cranus, Filibuster, Artful Dodger, Stone Deaf, Ideologue, Tireless Rebutter, Profundus Maximus, Impostor, Crybaby, Ego, Palooka, Rebel Without a Clue, Target, Duelist (Mike Wong, Wayne Poe, Logic, Intelligence, "Rabid Warsies", ASVS,, anybody, and I mean anybody, who doesn't agree with him)
Threads of Interest: DarkStar, the only person who's failed to realize that Mike Wong and "AdmiralKanos" are the same person --- DarkStar waffles to escape Wong's asskicking --- Ripping apart DarkStar's cowardly attempt to avoid criticism --- Scottie gets seven kinds of shit beat out of him by Lord Edam, fellow Trekkie --- Darkfucker fails basic timekeeping --- Scooter and his asswipe sychophants harass Leland Chee (SDN summary, reference links within) --- Canon "expert" Scooter A. gets his ass handed to him by actual Star Trek authors (SDN summary, reference links within) - The Scumbag Opportunist uses an SDN member's unfortunate situation to basically accuse SDN of being a potential horde of murderers (SDN summary, reference links within, need login to view)
Websites of Interest: Mike Wong delivers a beating to Robbie --- Scooter's Site is SomethingAwful's ALOD --- Master of Ossus nukes RSA's "technical" website
Signature Move: DarkStar's Perpetual Wall of Ignorance™
Contributors: From Master of Ossus ( thread), Mr Bean (Sig Move)

Rob says: Guardian 2000 is the second incarnation of Timothy Jones without the trademark thin veneer of civility. Arrogant, rude, insulting and stupid, G2K shows every indication that he's just not going to give up any of his ridiculous arguments. Refers to any Wars debater who kicks his ass as a "Rabid Warsie." Thinks the United States is a God-nation and the noblest superpower on the face of the planet. Believes that quoting Google on him is a misrepresentation of his words (where have we heard THAT before?).

12/30/03: This entry is special: anyone who chooses to comment on our friend Robert Scott Anderson will be included here. Just a note: Scooter's real, full name is not included here; he asked me not to post it since he's scared of some screwball stalker or some shit. I've acquiesced for now since 'Scooter' is funnier.

8/12/04: It has recently been brought to my attention, and confirmed myself by matching IP addresses, that famed moron DarkStar is indeed Robert Scott Anderson. Because of his successful three-month deception, I have decided that he is a deceitful, spiteful pile of dogshit and all requests of anonymity here are dismissed forthwith. Fuck you, Scooter.

9/10/04: DarkStar has been trolling Mike Wong's BBS forum as of late, so Mike finally called him out for the Patented Imperial Smackdown™.

12/18/05: HOLY SHIT. Aside from Scooter's insane Jihad on Leland Chee and the rest of the Star Wars Canon gurus (see link above), he's started going after the people at Paramount, even going so far as to tell several actual Star Trek fiction authors that they were wrong, even going so far as to get his ass slapped down, and slapped down hard by an author named Kevin Killiany. Click the new link above and get ready to laugh your ass off - not only at KeVinK's masterful smackdowns, but also at Darkstar's desperate and delusional attempts to spin this into yet another part of the Vast Warsie Conspiracy.

1/10/06: Robert Scott Anderson finally proves once and for all the depths of his illness. As if his disturbing obsession with the versus debate wasn't enough, he has used the accusation and imprisonment of one of the members of SDN for murder as ammunition in his "battle" against us evildoers at SDN. In a nutshell, he said he "wasn't surprised" that a board that was so vitriolic and whose most active members had "inherent mental instabilities" had eventually led to one of its members being driven to murder. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what finally proves that Darkstar is so dangerously obsessed with us: he's using an unrelated incident by a member who's not even known as a VS debater to vilify everyone on SDN. It is, in fact, so bad that in the referenced thread linked to in the SDN thread above, he is actually told by many people, at least one of them no big fan of SDN, that he was going too far and should be banned - Dakarne, in fact, who was VId by Mike - and do you know what this looney did?

He automatically associated him with ASVS. Dakarne, who has no more than a passing familiarity with ASVS.

It's that bad, folks. Robert Scott Anderson is so mentally deranged that he automatically accuses anyone who disagrees with him to be a member of this "Vast Warsie Conspiracy" that he's concocted. I would truly be concerned for him if I wasn't absolutely disgusted at his shameless and heartless exploitation of another human being's misery as ammunition in his silly, stupid little battle. This is worse than the time he complained about his Starlog magazine being late because of Hurricane Katrina. Robert, if you're reading this, feel free to insult and vilify me as much as you want - I know you need those little boosts to your obviously pathetically low self-esteem. And if you're one of Scooter's buddies, try to see that he gets some help. He may be a danger to himself or to others.

Chuck says: Where to begin with Guardian 2000, aka Robert Scott Anderson? Well, I feel that the time has come to set the record straight on this Internet persona once and for all. For far too long the wool has been pulled over people's eyes, so let me, however painfully, reveal the truth to you.

Robert Scott Anderson is a fictional character.

I know you find this difficult to accept, as I did at first. But the signs are clear if we know what to look for. So let me enlighten you.

(aka Guardian 2000 in The Lack of Sense, "They don't know they're dead. They only see what they want to see.")
Like most fictional characters, Robert Scott Anderson cannot view our world as it truly is. In the fictional world good guys get shot and receive flesh wounds while villains will die immediately (or be near immortals), and the list goes on and on. The fictional reality is a distortion of our real world, and as a result, they don't see what we all see. This is illustrated in countless posts of Guardian 2000, wherein he refers to any discussion of something he ever said or did as "lies" or "misrepresentations," even if the evidence is right in front of him. He, like all fictional characters, just can't see it. It's the same with his view of America as the greatest country; he cannot see the bad things that happen because corrupt officials always get their just desserts, the justice system never fails, and evil always is punished. Thus the reality Robert Scott Anderson occupies is not the reality we do. In fact, the tendency to speak other than normal people is an illustration of just how deep this goes (such as referencing the Earth and the Moon as "Terra and Luna." While accurate, it is unnatural and typical of Hollywood film writers who need to cover up their lack of technical accuracy or plot).

(aka Guardian 2000 in The Matrix, "You hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.")
On December 29th Robert Scott Anderson posted details of his problems, in summary: his conflict involving a rich evil villain, a hot chick they were both attracted to, framing for a crime not committed, and gunplay. Now Mr. Anderson is on the run, trying to avoid the wrath of the evil Mr. Vile and his entourage of deadly buxom former KGB operatives, all the while maintaining his mild-mannered existence as a customer service representative. His one and only hope of survival is to get the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual accepted as canon material so that, in a horribly convoluted plot convenience, the villain will be thwarted. Of course, I'm embellishing slightly. Still, it's obvious that Robert Scott Anderson's life is far too formulaic to be that of an actual human being, but will in fact be coming to a theater near you. Especially watch for the part where Mr. Vile (played by Alan Rickman) claps slowly and says, "Well played, Mr. Anderson. Well played indeed."

As stated before, Robert Scott Anderson cannot recognize his own words, despite the fact that all evidence demonstrates that he said them. His fictional reality, by its very nature, lacks the continuity of the real world that we inhabit. In fact, Robert Scott Anderson will sometimes contradict what he has just said. For example: "Chuck, you're just like that awful Timothy Jones." "You're the one who is acting like Timothy Jones." "Of course, because Timothy Jones was a maligned and noble man."

Fictional characters have friends created for them, and so never actually have to develop the skills needed to make them themselves. All too often Robert Scott Anderson will alienate people with an air of smugness and a refusal to see opposing viewpoints, nor can he tolerate those who point out the failings of his logic. He goes out of his way to annoy his allies rather than develop any kind of bond. In fact, he has made it fairly clear that he doesn't think he needs anyone else. A real person would attempt to bond with at least one other member of their species, which again suggests that Robert Scott Anderson is not a real person at all.

It should be obvious to anyone that Robert Scott Anderson is the result of a lazy imagination. The creator took some of the more obvious traits of Timothy Jones (stubbornness, refusal to admit being wrong, air of superiority, persecution syndrome, running away from lost arguments) and Transcend (self-pity, obsessiveness, exaggeration, lame come-backs) and created Guardian 2000. This bastardized character obviously lacks any true originality and remains little more than a cartoon cypher.

So, to sum up: Guardian 2000 = fictional character. We've all obviously been duped. And now, loathe that I am to quote Brad Pitt, a line from the film Seven that best sums up this creativity burp of a character.

"When a person is insane, as you clearly are, do you know that you're insane? Maybe you're just sitting around, reading Guns -n- Ammo, masturbating in your own feces... do you just stop and go, 'Wow, it is amazing how fucking crazy I really am.'"

Guest Commentator Kynes says: Not since TJ was on the group have I seen more unified revulsion for an individual. Initially joining us via the magic of RemarQ, Robert Scott Anderson has probably helped the pro-SW camp more than any debater since Cronan. Unfortunately, Robert Scott Anderson is a pro-ST debater. One of his defining characteristics is believing that he is, as he calls himself, the "Last Bastion" of pro-ST debate. The fact that this is untrue does not deter him. Indeed, when he shows up like a bad case of syphilis, most other pro-ST debaters just sigh and take a break from the group. Wisely. He has a penchant for ignoring everything that's been said and done before he arrived and so allowing any debater with a sense of humor to lead him down endless roads of age-old argumentation. This is amazingly fun, for us, because it completely confounds him.

Robert Scott Anderson has also developed extreme paranoia about his debate opponents. I challenge you to go through five of his posts without seeing the term "Rabid Warsie Fuckwit" more times than you can count on one hand. He's even accused me of changing the rules on in the middle of a debate, a power that, while I would like to have, I don't. Yet. This sense of "everyone's out to get me" probably comes from the fact that everyone, indeed, is out to get him.

Alas, the pleasure of torturing Guardian is not one which can be had year-round. Inevitably, his arrival is punctuated by informing all of us that some chick he's been seeing has threatened suicide or something, so he dumped her to debate Trek v. Wars. Then, after staying just long enough to get his ass kicked more than a combination donkey-boot salesman, he leaves, informing us that some "cute young thing" has caught his eye, and he's going to go tutor her in reading full-time. The amusing thing is, since these excuses for leaving and returning are always, always the same, you can track his many failed and probably imaginary relationships via a quick trip to Google.

Really, nothing more than a garden-variety wank. Wind him up and watch him spin around in a pool of his own bile if you've got nothing better to do on an afternoon. Suggested phrases for winding include:
  1. "Shouldn't we just assume John Ordover is right?"
  2. "Wait, why does any of this matter? Isn't Star Wars armor neutronium anyway, making this moot?"
  3. "Well, at least the Federation's policy of communism is better than the oppressive United States pigdogs."
  4. "I don't think the Empire will have much trouble with the Federation. After all, Federation shielding is only 200GJ, max!"

Feel free to submit your own! Robert Scott Anderson is sensitive about almost anything, so don't hesitate to experiment. I found out about his "must worship America" tendencies just by telling him that his "flying Pentagon" joke was lame, so who knows how many other treasure troves are out there?

Fighting the Troll: Chuck

(Thread Context: This is Chuck forcing Robert Scott Anderson to take responsibility for a theory he put forward that phasers vaporize things like the nozzle on a bottle of Windex.)

> No, because your false misrepresentation of my statements was that
> vaporizing something by way of heat would leave a cool mist. That in no
> way represents what I said or was talking about.

*BZZ* Sorry, but I never mentioned that you said things were vaporized by heat. That is a *misinterpretation* of what I said, which can be read, oh, in this very post. I said "when a phaser vaporizes" the subject of the thread in question "it converts matter to a cool vapor" You stated: "It could just as easily leave a cool vapor" "like the squirt from a bottle of Windex." You stated: "Can you explain what you mean when you say "vaporization". I'm curious because, for instance, a fuel injector nozzle is a vaporizer, as is a pump spray bottle rigged for "mist"." All I did was summarize your points for you and you cry "lie!" "misinterpretation!" You resort to your default responses: "Someone makes me look bad, call them a liar." "Someone makes fun of my argument, they're misrepresenting me." It's funny, I can practically set my watch by your answers.
BTW, if you weren't such a poor communicator these misinterpretations would be far less frequent.

> > Now stand back everyone while he tries to say that the summary I had posted
> > ignores the center of his argument,

> It did.

You're as predictable as Newtonian physics.

> > that I was too dumb to understand it,
> Apparently you are.

Oh no, I had my intelligence insulted by someone who, from all appearances, routinely puts his underwear on backwards.

Fighting the Troll: Chuck

> Really, though, the old-school ASVS regulars I was used to dealing with
> should be ashamed of themselves . . . I wasn't even trying to hide the fact
> that I had already dealt with their bullshit before. Or, as a 'lurker'
> friend put it, "How can they not realize it!?!?"

I'll answer this. I suspected for some time. The reason I said nothing was
simple: I don't care. I know this is going to bruise your inflated ego, but
you really aren't worth any effort on my part that goes beyond entertaining
myself. Now when Weyoun pulled this, I put a little bit of time into it,
because I really, really didn't like him. He was like nails on a
chalkboard. You, you're more like professional wrestling: I find you stupid
and make fun of you when I get the opportunity, but I only do it if I've got
nothing better to do at the moment. There are better ways for me to spend
my time.
"To put it bluntly, you're not that important." -Q

Fighting the Troll: SirNitram

Being an account of Robert Scott Anderson's attempts to undermine the Pro-Wars
debators, and win the STvsSW debate. It probably deserves a place in the
(In)famous trolls and idiots page.

1) Throw out Official sources. Official material in Star Wars is so vast and
numerous that it would take Robert months to even attempt to make bullshit to
disprove all the damning evidence, especially the new Episode II ICS. So, he
has chosen a rarely beaten path, one usually reserved for the only person
stupider than him in the NG's history: TJ's claims that only the movies count.
If he had actually proven this, he would have single-handedly devastated the
opposition. As it is, he's just retreading an ancient, overdone argument that
was disproven several years ago.

2) Remove the ESB asteroid calc's. If he can prove the asteroid's weren't
vaporized, our intrepid Trekkie reasons, he can throw out the firepower
calculations from it, freeing him of the burden of light turbolasers that would
effortless blast through a Sovereign-class. Sadly, he hasn't been able to do
this, as there's no proof anywhere they weren't vaporized(As for his odd
definition of vaporized, one need only read his page on the VOY episode

3) Make the Death Star Superlaser into a chain reaction. This will prevent the
Pro-Wars side from using the 'firepower of half the starfleet' calcs, thus
effectively removing the last bastion of objective calculations. Unfortunately
for Baldstar, this too has no evidence to back it up, and he is forced to
resort to handwaving and claims of an unknown force, while Occam's Razor
viciously cuts his theory to ribbons.

If he had been able to succeed in proving these three arguments, he would have
brought Wars down to the ground with a crash. It's just a damned pity he can't
prove them.

The above was created by the help of an interview with a local cuttlefish,
whose resemblence to Dark Star is uncanny, both in appearance, intelligence,
and the tendency to throw up alot of ink and hide behind the result. We thank
the anonymous cuttlefish for it's support.

Fighting the Troll: Jason L. Miles
You wouldn't know a fact if it walked up and hit you over the head
with a Death Star II.

Fighting the Troll: Björn Paulsen
What misbegotten crevice of blighted evolution did Scooter crawl out
from, I wonder? I know for a fact that I can now imagine a God - some
kind of titanic, fathomless huge being, who swallowed something foul
and felt the need to hastily excrete it as a stinking brown mass of
semi-organic waste.

"And its name was DarkStar, for dark was its colour, as dark as the
collapsed star from which it took its name. And aptly it was named,
for its ego was as massive as its suckage, and the stupidity of the
noxious feculence that was DarkStar was enough to bend the fabric of
time and space."
-- From the Book of Revulsions, 11:5

Fighting the Troll: Michael Wong
Why is it so goddamned hard to get these little hatfuckers to stand
still so I can pummel them?

Fighting the Troll: C.S.Strowbridge
Sorry, bub. We've seen your arguments, we've seen the lies.

You: 'These two explosions are identical! Therefore I'm right!'
Us: 'No they're not. You see debris in this one and none in the other.'
You: 'These two explosions are identical! Therefore I'm right!'
Us: 'No, there's debris. Right there.'
You: 'These two explosions are identical! Therefore I'm right!'
Us: 'What are you blind? Fucking retarded? Look, I'll even highlight
the debris.'
You: 'These two explosions are identical! Therefore I'm right! And stop
insulting me.'

Fighting the Troll: Chuck Sonnenburg

"C.S.Strowbridge" wrote in message
> > The rest comes later . . . you can figure it out.
> Yeah.
> Mike: Debate me.
> You: Ok, but if you insult me you lose.
> Mike: No, straight up debate with no special conditions.
> You: Ha ha. Mike ran away! I win.
> Everyone Else: Loser.

That's uncanny! Okay, my turn.

Mike: You don't want to debate me because I made fun of you fucking
RSA: What a transparent piece of slander. It's pathetic how you lie to try
and destroy my reputation instead of being honest. [holds up picture of
himself sticking his dick into a chicken]. I think that shows what an
obviously deceitful person you are.
Everyone Else: That shows you fucking a chicken!
RSA: Why are you all seeing things? That's obviously a picture of me with
Secretary of State Powell as he hands me a Medal of Valor. Go see an eye

Fighting the Troll: Mike Wong
>>Still plan to run away on Friday like the
>>pussy that you are, after posting dozens of messages rationalizing your

> Does this help you sleep at night, or is this some sort of creationist thing
> where you have to believe seven impossible things before breakfast?
> By running from a rational discussion, you have demonstrated your huge and
> gaping status for all to see. By backpedaling when you realized how huge
> and gaping you were for that, you demonstrated your PR pandering. By
> attempting to inject a condition whereby you alone get to dictate the
> evidence and its use, while engaging in your bluster and BS, you have yet
> again demonstrated your huge and gaping status by running from a rational
> discussion, yet again.
> Concession accepted.

Obviously, the answer is yes. You DO plan to run away like a screaming
little girl on Friday, even though my debate salvo will contain NONE of
the shenanigans that you're incessantly shrieking about in your
desperate attempt to claim victory without actually engaging in battle.

Here's a hint, Darkstar: when people see somebody running away from a
fight and screaming that the OTHER guy is the coward, nobody's going to
believe him.

I throw the first punch on Friday. Run if you want. Cry if you must. But
I'm coming for you, and there's nothing you can do about it. Now run
home to Mommy and complain about the big bad bully again.

Fighting the Troll: Spanky the Dolphin (

You cannot ignore it. It is there. It happens. Deal with it. You lose.

But thanks for playing this round of Let's See How Far DarkStar Will Go To Defend His Crackpot Pet Theories. You may now go to Hell.

The fact that the Saucer does not appear to be traveling at warp speed is, in my opinion, pretty good evidence that the Engineering section is not traveling at warp.

I'll make sure to slam the door on your ass on your way out.

Fighting the Troll: Colin Brian Witz
Sir, Your preception of events conflicts so greatly with the vast majority of
the populace, here,, and Space Battles, and even with the
perceptions of people who would be predisposed to try and support your side
(Edam, Alyesaka, The Baron), that only a limited number of posibilities occure.
1. You are suffering from a severe dissasociative conddition and as such can
not distiguish reality from your own imagination
2. You are a resident of another reality
3. You have been partaking in a large quanity of hallucinagenics and have not
been sharing them. (My personal theory)
4. There is a large quanity of mind control, and photo doctoring, going all the
way back to the ILM labs at Lucasfilm, as the scenes you discribe do not
corresspond with scripts, and visuals
5. You are the one true sane person, everyone else is an alien or a communist
or both, (Make sure to adjust your alunanum foil hat.

Fighting the Troll: Iceberg
DarkStar, do you even KNOW what an ad-hoc hypothesis is? It's a
hypothesis made up AFTER THE FACT, which typically is intended to
replace features of the observed phenomenon in order to make it fit
with the observer's preconceptions.

Let's look at this very carefully:

1: A symmetrical "band of brightness" which nobody, Trekkie, Warsie or
neither, all alike, sees except for you.

2: A mysterious chain reaction which changes reaction rate
spontaneously, speeds up, pauses and can somehow be maintained
throughout the heterogeneous material of a planet.

3: The step that you seem to be hanging your theory on - the "this
reaction generates a planar ring" step (without explaining what the
planar ring is or how it's generated).

The planar ring is the only conceptual weakness of the conventional
explanation, and it's the only conceptual strength of yours.

Now WHICH theory is ad-hoc again?

Fighting the Troll: Chuck
"You're saying that any theory that includes all the evidence is better than
any theory that doesn't. Well, that's crazy, and a physics professor will
beat you silly for saying so." -RSA

Fighting the Troll: Dalton
That should tell you something, Robert Scott Anderson. You used to be a
relatively positive pro-Trek contributor until you turned into the
biggest moron this side of TOWNMNBS. The only reason I am yelling at you
is because you are displaying a level of stupidity only once before
seen. Here's a hint, Robert Scott Anderson: when every denizen, both
Pro-SW and Pro-ST, are yelling at and insulting you for being an idiot,
it is not US who have the problem and it is not us who are rabid. You
have been screamed at and bitchslapped by everyone from Kynes, Wayne,
Nitram and myself to even Lord Edam. This should tell you something, but
it isn't. You have delusions of mediocrity; you believe that you are
right and we are wrong no matter what. You believe that all of us should
crumble in the face of your arguments.

Do you remember the last person who acted in a similar fashion to you?
We sure do. We have a page all about him at He was bitched at by Trek
and Wars debaters alike. Hell, we even formed the Last Alliance of Trek
and Wars to destroy him, and he's barely been seen since the Final
Solution. We did it before, and we'll do it again. I told Wayne in
another thread that I thought FSing you was a bit extreme and a little
hasty, but I'm starting to rethink that position.

Tread lightly, Robert Scott Anderson, for you do not know with what
forces you meddle. Stupidity is poorly suffered here, and we do
everything to let the perpetrator know about it.

Fighting the Troll: Chuck
Here's my poem I just wrote about him (I posted it on

I do not contradict myself,
    I am only taken out of context.

What others think of me doesn't matter,
    unless they think I'm right.

If I say something that turns out to be incorrect,
    it doesn't mean I was wrong.

I can chastise others for doing what I do,
    but that doesn't make me a hypocrite.

I will accept only what agrees with me,
    but I am not close-minded.

I will change my opponent's argument and attack that,
    but I don't use strawmen.

I repeat myself so others will understand,
    others repeat themselves because they're too stupid to admit being wrong.

If my opponent's theory includes less evidence, they fail,
     if my opponent's theory contains more evidence, they still fail.

Opponents who quote whole paragraphs of me are dishonest,
    but I may attack sentence fragments with a clear conscience.

I can refuse to address my opponent's points,
    but I'm not ignoring them.

Only rabid Warsies disagree with me,
    because anyone who disagrees with me is a rabid Warsie.

I am right about everything,
    but I'm not egocentric.

If the majority says I'm right, it's because I'm correct,
    if the majority says I'm wrong, it's because they're conspiring against me.

I don't use false dilemmas,
    but the answer's only one or the other.

I am Darkstar,
    Look on my works ye mighty, and despair.

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